About Languages United

Vibrant, inspiring and stunningly beautiful, you couldn't pick a better place to study English than Bath. Whether you are looking for a holiday course, are preparing for University, need English for your business, or just enjoy learning, Languages United will help you improve your English.

We are an independent, friendly, boutique school which is accredited by the British Council for teaching English. We are your "home away from home". The skills you develop during your course at Languages United will stay with you throughout your life, giving you new experiences, new opportunities, new friends and a new window through which to view the world.

Languages United provides English courses for individuals and groups throughout the year, including our Summer School for 12-18 years olds. As well as General English and Intensive English, we can offer specialist courses such as English with Floristry, English with Aromatherapy, English with Fashion, English with Jane Austen.

Learning more than English

Our lessons and activities are integrated to give each student real-world situations where they can use and improve their English. Students learn from, and work with, their classmates.

Students learn social and personal skills with activities that help them discover what is best for their physical and mental wellbeing.

Our teachers are all qualified native-speaking teachers of English who aim to inspire, motivate and empower their students to use and develop their skills.

Home away from home

We understand that our younger students are going away from their home and parents. Our Welfare Team provides care and support for both students and parents. We are available to help before the student arrives and throughout their stay.

Our philosophy

Our students have the potential to make an impact on the world. We aim to develop their skills for life - not just their communication skills, but their understanding of other cultures, their teamwork and leadership skills and their confidence in their own abilities.

Our courses get students talking to each other, discussing topics that make them think critically about the world around them and giving them an understanding of how people see the world. They start to view themselves as global citizens and learn that language is the key tool to develop cross-cultural links.

We expect our students to respect this global diversity and to follow the rules that are put in place to embrace and protect our differences.

With our community and social responsibility projects students learn about those less fortunate than themselves and do work to help them.

Our methodology

  • We aim to provide languages courses to suit all levels and ages.
  • We seek to understand the students' goals and help them work towards these.
  • We believe language learning should be fun, in a relaxed atmosphere.
  • We care for every student and ensure that international students enjoy their stay in the country.
  • We know that each student is individual and not everyone has the same learning style, so we adapt our teaching to allow for this.
  • We provide tuition that gives the student a wider understanding of the country, not just academic skills.
  • We expect students to work hard to achieve their aims, and will help them within the classroom and outside.
  • We encourage students to learn autonomously, equipping them with the skills required to extend their learning beyond the classroom and once they have finished their course.
  • We are a diverse and multicultural organisation and we seek to encourage respect and tolerance throughout our community.
  • We strive to operate within an organisational structure that provides a safe environment to protect and enhance the well-being of all our students and staff and is a place where every voice is heard.

We look forward to meeting you and helping you achieve your goals!


Slavenka Vukovic-Bryan
Managing Director

front of school in Walcot Street